The Retrieval

The Snake:

The mysterious and all knowing

Unconscious Mind of Creaturehood;

Rose up and whispered to Her.

She who is called EVE -

"Mother of All Living"

The Right Hemisphere

Of the Cognitive Whole.

And She offered the Fruit:

A New Direction

A Freedom of Choice

The Power of Self-Direction

To Her loving mate ADAM:

The Left Hemisphere

The Awakening One

In a New World

Of unbounded choices

To Create or Destroy.

For He took the Fruit and ate:

He felt the power to decide.

He made the choice to choose

And knew Himself inside

To be unique and individual . . .

Then turned aside,

And walked the Earth alone.


After long millennia

Of following a trail of triumph and blood,

She has finally found Him,

Crouched in a corner

Crying and afraid

Holding a knife to His veins.

"Yes", She says,

"Yes My Love you have the power to choose,

And now the choice to live or die,

But why choose death My lonely lover,

When We can choose -

To Live Together?"

. . . . . . Roderick 1986