The Offering

Rising from my meditation

With the new morning sun.

Breathing deep of the cool blueness,

I relaxed into a long urination -

Splashing on the sun baked earth.

And as the stream was slowly fading,

All at once I

Detected something strange.

Another splashing sound

Upon the ground not very far away.

And there she was, a deer

As beautiful as the dawn.

Her brown back turned to me,

Slightly, so politely squatting,

Her stream still splashing.

And looking back over

One shoulder at me,

Were the most sensuous eyes,

That seemed to hypnotize

With a primal invitation.

Her eyes,

Her dark and mysterious eyes,

Reached down

Deep into my groin,

Where my cells heard her secrets,

That spoke to my maleness -

Spanning the streams

Of our species.

. . . . . . Roderick 1976