New Day Dawning

"In 1987 I had a dream/vision where I was sitting in the middle of an open field meditating. My head gradually began to fill up with light. And then, while still within the dream, I opened my eyes. There in front of me was the most wonderful Moon rising in the night sky. My attention remained riveted on the Moon, which now began to change color. It was delightfully changing from one color to another in a continual steam of transformation.When I awoke, I immediately wrote the following poem.". . . Roderick

Yes, I can see it now

So plainly in the Moon,

Turning red and yellow and white

In the autumn night.

Yes, I can hear it now

So clearly with the squawking geese

Flying for warmer fields.

The harvest is finished

And the old forms

Are all dying now,

Left as corn stalks

In fields planted millenniums ago.

We are turning the corner now,

And a new horizon

Is coming into view.

Look out your window!

The Earth is shedding

Her skin like a snake,

And the children

Are leaving their beds

As butterflies.