Down into the depths

Where dreams and thoughts

Come alive and live

In glowing light,

And speak of ancient secrets

Forgotten long ago in caves,

Humans once called home.

Out from the darkness

A vision of beauty:

Hair flying like chaos,

Eyes flashing with enchantment,

Breasts heavy with ambrosia,

Exuding rich perfume of passion.

I approached through my dream

As if through a door,

And whispered,

Let us lie down

And make the flowers and the trees,

And the seasons once more.


Yes we knew where we were

And we knew what to do,

And we knew that great bliss

That dances and runs through,

All things that have ever come to be.

Riding orgasmic waves,

Realities spun out

Into colossal tapestries,

Woven with the threads

Of time and space -

A living kaleidoscope

Revolving, desire's flaming core

Merging and melting forever,

Forever coming -

Together once more.

The Earth and the Sky,

The Sun and the Moon,

The Wind and the Water,

Every cell,

Every atom,

Expanding galaxies of Consciousness

Celebrating, and singing

Us songs of our Divinity,

In an unending exaltation of Joy.


Sitting upon their smoldering

Sacrificial alters,

The old stern gods

Got up and left.

Grumbling in their beards

They struck out for other domains

More suitable to their rigorous

Regimes of righteousness.

. . . . . . Roderick 1986