I come from the silence

As a word spoken in the dark,

I come from the stillness

As a breath blown

Through the tunnels of time and space.

All those who listen in the night

For My voice,

Shall feel My breath

Upon their face,

And hear My song

Filling their heart with gladness.

My temple is resurrected in your cells,

And My sacred rituals are enacted

Through your genitals.

But the world has closed their ears

To My songs,

And closed up My temples,

And let the flame of My alters

Grow cold.

For they think My temples profane,

And My rituals obscene.

They've all forgotten

How they came to Life's banquet,

And what a miracle

Their children truly are.

If you can not honor Me,

It is because you no longer

Honor yourself.

I am the Eternal Mother,

Through Me

Life flows like a great river

Poured out into all

That you experience.

For I am Life,

And Life is what I am.

Infinite, Eternal

Yet always Changing -

Always New.

A kaleidoscope of realities

Infinitely expanding

Through My endless


What is time in My Eternity?

What is space in My Infinity?

What is determined in My Spontaneity?

What is death in My Immortality?

What is absolute in My Creativity?

Look upon My Beauty,

That shines in the sunlight

And the moonlight,

And come to Me

As your hidden lover,

Waiting for you

Before you were born.

I, the Mother of desire,

Desires you as the lover

Desires the beloved.

If you can not love your body,

How can you hope to love Me,

Who loves every part of you,

Who is every part of who you are?

Creativity is the medium

Of My Expression.

It is through which

I speak My Love,

The Love

That is the Heart

Of All Existence,

Blossoming with infinite petals

Of multi-dimensional realities.

I am The Great Chaos,

That precedes the small spark

Of your rationality;

The Wild Ocean of Consciousness,

Breaking as waves of Inspiration

Upon the Shores

Of the human mind.

Before your first word,

I listened to your singing heart,

That arose in the sunlight

Of My Creative Joy.

In Me,

You have always had your life,

And in Me,

You will always live.

For My name is Existence,

And outside of Me

Nothing else exists.

. . . . . . Roderick 1987