The Supreme Truth


Having studied the Sankhya, Tantric and Vedantic philosophies of Hinduism for over thirty years, as well as the teachings of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, I found that one prevailing characteristic of all these works was a gradation to their presentations, dependent on the level of understanding of the people drawn to them. So that in one part of the teaching we might find the equivalent of a grade school instruction, while in another area we might find university level material or even post graduate classes.

As one makes their way through the various levels of these Religious teachings one eventually comes to the top of the mountain as it were, a place from which there is "no going further", at least not through the use of the written word.

Thus arriving at the highest expression of Truth in each of these Religious works, I then wanted to find a corresponding level of expression in the teachings of Christianity. The following quotations are the results of this search.

Roderick W. Marling

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"You shall know the Truth,

And the Truth shall make you Free."

John 8:32

"The Time is Fulfilled,

And the Kingdom of God

Is at hand."

Mark 1:14

"Do not say, ‘Behold here it is’

Or ‘Behold there it is’.

For the Kingdom of God is within you."

Luke 17:21

"On that day you will Realize

That I am in my Father,

And you are in Me,

And I am in You."

John 14:20

"Let this Mind

Be in you which also was in Jesus Christ"


"Is it not written in your Law,

‘I said you are Divine Beings’".

John 10:34

"You are Divine Beings;

For all of you are sons and daughters

Of the Most High."

Psalm 82:6

"You Are The Light of The World."

Matt 5:14

"The works that I do you also shall do,

And greater than these you shall do."

John 14:12

"All Power is given unto you

In Heaven and in Earth."

Matt 28:18

"Ask, and you shall receive,

That your joy may be full."

John 16:24

"For everyone that asks, receives,

And he who seeks, finds;

And to him that knocks,

It shall be opened."

Luke 11:10

"And all things, whatever

You ask for in prayer,

Believe that you shall receive,

And they shall come to you."

Mark 1:14

"It is done onto you

As You Believe."

Matt 8:13