The Left-Hand Path of Tantra Yoga

The Yoga of Pleasure and Power


VAMACARA is the Metaphysics of the Feminine Perspective based on the ancient realization that Freedom

is not just some abstract pie in the sky fantasy, but includes your sexual energy as well as your spiritual vision.

TANTRA - More than just the latest sexual technology

YOGA - More than just the internal play of light and sound

A PATH that will take you beyond the books and the gurus.

If you've glimpsed beyond the horizon of the standardized, mass-produced version of reality . . .

If you've experienced more of your Mind than the rational, linear left-brain . . .

If you've outgrown the old concept of some static place in space called heaven . . .

If you've been hung up on the stairway to perfection and would like to get off . . .

If you've ever suspected, even for a moment,"enlightenment" might not be the only game in town . . .

Then truly, it's been a long train of synchronicities that's finally brought you to this sacred space.

VAMACARA TANTRA is part of a broad evolutionary process in consciousness, which is moving toward an integration with the Natural World, the physical body and the many sexual expressions of human behavior. All of Nature is then perceived as a sacred manifestation of the Divine, where there is no separation between Spirit and Nature, Mind and Body. So consequently there isn't any great effort to go beyond or transcend Nature. Rather, the effort is to put one's self in accord with Nature and the physical body, and to express one's own creative potential more fully.

Within this bio-spiritual context then, we find the practice of Yoga as an expression of this continuing process of inclusion and integration. It is a method and a means for moving into ever broader and deeper levels of connection and unification.

VAMACARA isn't part of the adolescent male's quest for dissolving the body in a ball of light, or seeking to conquer physical mortality. It doesn't seek the spiritual at the expense of the physical, because the two are already recognized as expressions of the same underlying reality. It doesn't seek physical immortality by turning away from death, because it also recognizes that birth and death are the complimentary sides of the same continuum.

VAMACARA TANTRA will show you how this can be your truth. How you can experience this process of integration for yourself, and maybe for the first time, you will begin to understand what freedom really is.

Awakening to your own power and freedom, you will then be ready to consciously participate in the Eternal Creative Process.


Sit back and enjoy browsing the creative productions of someone who's already consciously participating in the Process.

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